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With the ever-changing face of modern crime, you need to do more to avoid falling victim to fraud, scamming, human trafficking, and other forms of organized crime. Like other Thailand cities, Chiang Mai is home to numerous international and indigenous organized crime elements. If you are a resident or a business in this beautiful city, consider hiring a reliable Chiang Mai private investigator to mitigate risks and avoid tricks and dragnets of modern-day criminals.

At Mike Investigations, we understand client needs are not the same, and we have designed unrivaled investigation services customized to suit each of your needs. We integrate various private investigation skills sets and cutting edge technology to provide you with highly specialized services and solutions that produce the best outcomes. Unlike other investigative services available in Thailand, our team of professionals is well-versed in various specialized investigation areas, bringing a diverse value to the table. Some of our highly sought after services include:

Domestic Investigation

The ever-rising crime rates require that you do background checks on nannies, maids, repairmen, and home contractors during your hiring process. At Mike Investigations, there is no size fits all individual verification, and each of our solutions is highly customized to meet your individual needs. We will carry out a detailed domestic investigation that includes security device installation, home security surveys, cheating partner, divorce, around the clock home surveillance, and background checks on potential renters, repairmen, and home improvement contractors.

Insurance Investigation Services

Insurance Investigation

Insurance fraud has grown in recent times to hit $40 billion a year. With more people attempting to cheat and receive false cash settlements, these figures will not come down anytime soon. So how can you avoid being part of this devastating statistic?

Hire Mike Investigations to help you analyze your claims and carry due diligence to avoid cases of fraud

Corporate Investigation

Our corporate investigations services are designed to help you avoid engaging in intentional and unintentional wrongs that can put you in trouble with industry regulators. With the highly competitive business environment, the stakes for your company is high. You can’t afford the cost of serious fines and adverse business disruptions if found guilty of wrongdoings. Besides, failing to uncover employee thefts or benefits abuse early can sin your business. Our private detectives leverage modern technology to offer topnotch service, such as:

Locating People

Cases of missing persons are on the rise in all Thailand cities. A report released by Mirror Foundation in 2020 revealed a total of 244 children in Thailand went missing, with the number of missing girls 50% higher than boys. When confronted with a missing person problem, it is best to hire a private investigator that has more leeway in the investigation processes and techniques. At Mike Investigations, we will help you locate people, including missing persons, find runaways, discover family and friends, and find lost loves.

Chiang Mia Private investigation Services

At Mike Investigations, customer satisfaction is our topmost concern. We place priory on delivering valuable, reliable, and confidential services for all our corporate and individual clients. Our agents are adept and experienced and will leverage modern technologies to raise the bar in the investigative industry.

Our comprehensive solutions cover several needs, including locating people, background checks, debt collection, counter-surveillance, and detecting frauds and scamsContact us today for more information on our investigation solutions.