Find a Missing person in Thailand

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In Thailand, about 244 children go missing yearly, according to a report released by Mirror Foundation in 2020. While these statistics are on children, they paint an accurate picture of many Thai families’ heartache when a loved one goes missing.

Mike Investigations offers comprehensive and successful trace and locate services designed for missing people within Thailand and beyond. We will help you locate all cases of missing people, including missing persons, finding lost love, locating runaways, discovering family and friends, and many more. Our investigators leverage modern technologies to assist in the more difficult cases where other private investigators cannot help.

Why Choose Mike Investigations

Our experienced private investigators have outstanding success rates at locating missing people, often under challenging circumstances. The attributes that make us industry leaders include:

Wide network

We use the latest technology and vast network of corporate, military, police, and judicial contacts that enable us to perform the most sophisticated trace and locate investigations in the industry. Our extensive network puts us in a great position to find not only missing people but also those who are intentionally avoiding to be found.

Highly confidential services

We conduct our missing person’s investigations on a strictly confidential basis. Our investigators perform their checks discreetly, with the subject remaining unaware of our inquiries. Depending on the situation at hand, we conduct investigations with absolute sensitivity and discretion to not endanger the life of the subject or alert them on key happenings.

Advanced technologies

Our investigators use the most advanced technologies and techniques to trace your lost persons no matter where they are located in the world. We will also use follow up addresses, email and phone tracing, citizen, voter, and other databases to locate missing persons. Other useful techniques that help us locate a person fast include:

  • Posting rewards
  • Internet and social media checks
  • Local media checks
  • Immigration and travel checks
  • Police criminal record checks
  • Message boards

High level of professionalism

Locating a missing person is often a delicate and sensitive operation that requires sensitivity, tact, and professional understanding. At Mike Investigations, we conduct investigations with ultimate discretion and professionalism. This guarantees you find a lost loved one in the shortest time possible. All we need to kick start the process are someone’s full name, social security number, age, birth date, picture or physical description, last known contact/address details, and any other personal details.

Trust Mike Investigations to Locate Your Lost Person Quickly

We boast comprehensive solutions that cover several needs, including finding people, counter-surveillance, background checks, debt collection, detecting frauds and scams. Our modern private investigation solutions go beyond surveillance. Whether you are looking for an adopted sibling, birth parents, a long-lost friend, a lost lo必利勁 ver, and many others, we promise to get a field investigator started within 24 hours.