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The world is rapidly changing. And of course the march of globalization makes foreign investment easier and more profitable. But can you keep up with the pace of change in every country in the world? Or are you able to accurately assess the level of risk that ever-changing political conditions pose to your investment


Frankly, it’s impossible for you to know all there is to know about where you are considering investing. Sure, the country may look stable today. That ugly civil conflict ended a few years ago. But did you realize that 65% of all countries that end a civil conflict, suffer a relapse back to civil conflict within five years? Now how about the property rights regime? Is it well established? Could a change in government spell disaster for your company? And just how stable is the current regime anyway? 


These questions are vital to securely investing your resources. And reliable answers require specialists in political risk assessment. Fortunately for you, we have both in-house political analysts as well as others on retainer. So you can count on us to keep you informed of the latest changes that impact the level of risk you face. 

Missing Person

As with Cold Case investigations, sometimes law enforcement fails to make adequate progress, especially in the critical first days of the investigation. That’s when a private investigative agency can be your biggest asset. So though you should always  report a missing persons case to law enforcement, supplementing their efforts with private investigation can make the difference between a joyous reunion and a tragic end.

Find Runaways

It is exceedingly painful whenever someone you care about chooses to disappear without a word or trace, You are left with by doubts and worry. And the longer the runaway is gone, the worse your mental state tends to get. This is why you should never attempt a simple DIY missing persons search for a runaway. You need, now more than ever, clear thinking, experienced, and committed investigators to lead the search. 

There are many reasons that lead children, teenagers, even young adults to runaway. Getting a clear sense from those left behind what the most likely reasons are in this case will be our first priority. Is there a drug or alcohol abuse problem? Is there a love interest that could have drawn the young person away? What are conditions at home like? That is, is there anything about the domestic situation that might have left the person anxious, frightened, sad or angry? The quicker we get a sense of what likely motivated the departure, the faster we can concentrate our efforts in the most appropriate ways. 

So you will have an important role to play in helping us find your runaway. But please do not leave the outcome of this most important search up to the ones most traumatized, and thus least able to effectively lead such a search. This is why we are here.

Discover Friends and Family

There are so many reasons you might wish to locate a long-lost relative or friend. It may simply be a desire to reconnect and recharge the old relationship. You may have important news to share with them, such as the death of a mutual acquaintance you know they would wish to hear about. Or, a death may have made him or her a beneficiary, and they would certainly wish to know that! .

Find Lost Loves

So you want to locate a past love-interest? OK! Our experience tells us this is quite doable. And helping people rekindle an old romance is particularly gratifying for an investigator. So we’re happy to help you in your search. Please note, however, that discovery of reasons you should not be put in contact with this past love-interest (discovery of restraining orders, history of violence, etc.) will be grounds for terminating our investigation.


Globalization facilitates foreign investment but keeping up with changes in every country and accurately assessing political risk can be challenging. Our political risk assessment specialists can help navigate these complexities.

Law enforcement may face challenges in the critical initial days of a missing person case. Private investigators supplement their efforts, increasing the chances of a positive outcome. Always report to law enforcement, but consider private investigation for added support.

Runaway cases require experienced investigators to assess potential reasons for departure, such as substance abuse, relationship issues, or domestic situations. Professional investigators bring clarity and efficiency to the search process.

Understanding potential motivations like substance abuse or problematic home conditions is crucial. Your role is important, but relying on traumatized individuals for the search is less effective. We prioritize understanding motivations to concentrate search efforts effectively.

Reasons vary, from reconnecting to sharing important news. Private investigators help locate long-lost individuals, providing a professional and efficient approach to rekindling relationships or delivering significant information.