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Debt Recovery

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The success of every enterprise is highly dependent on prompt payments from customers and creditors. The revelations that unpaid invoices issued by small businesses currently stands at over $1 trillion means that bad debts will continue impacting businesses in an unprecedented manner. If you keep experiencing delays in receipt of payments, it can become challenging to sustain your operations in the long run. Also, following up unpaid debts on your own requires a lot of time and can strain your human and financial resources.

Our Effective Approach to Debt Recovery

At Mike Investigations, we can help you recover your debts, so you concentrate on the core business of running your operations. Our debt collectors are highly experienced in collecting debts from defaulters. We leverage modern technologies to locate defaulters from their hideouts, whether within Thailand or in foreign lands.

Here’s what you need to know about our Thailand debt collection services:

We generate credit reports

Apart from debt recovery, we also generate credit reports for all companies and individuals within Thailand. Credit reports help you gain a proper analysis of a company, business, and individuals you are transacting business with.

Checking financial status

We also inspect your client’s financial background to gain essential insights before you do business with them. The bad debt problem can be avoided or minimized when you determine first if whether a client can make payments in the long run or not. We have a vast network and will use our extensive research skills to dig up information on every person of interest.

Fair processes

Our debt collectors are trained to treat your customers fairly. Our approach as a consumer debt recovery service is to recover all debts owed using humane methods that promote positive customer outcomes. We aim to achieve a fair outcome for all parties so that your reputation and brand are protected.


The debt collection industry is heavily regulated in Thailand, and we take compliance seriously. Apart from all the mandatory requirements, we have also acquired enhanced standards that make us the undisputed leaders in the industry. These standards help us to improve the quality of service that we offer for all our clients.

Sophisticated strategies

We have developed top-notch credit collection services and strategies that guarantee the highest success rates. Our highly trained team of debt collectors leverages modern technology and a flexible and multi-channel approach to engage customers and debtors, which secures positive outcomes.

Let the Experts Recover your Debts

Mike Investigations is a trusted private investigation company based in Thailand. Besides debt collection, our comprehensive solutions include locating people, background checks, counter-surveillance, and detecting frauds and scamsContact us today, and let’s discuss how our debt recovery solutions can take your business to the next level.