Business Due Diligence in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country with much to offer both citizens and visitors. It is an excellent location to establish a business. Unfortunately, however, there are international scammers and criminals everywhere who are out to deceive others for personal gain. But there is something you can do to keep scammers from ruining your business deals.

This is where a concept known as due diligence comes into play. If you are purchasing a business in Thailand, you want to understand due diligence and how it can protect you from fraud and scams. At Mike Investigation, we are here to give you all the information you need. Read on to learn about due diligence and why this process matters.

What is due diligence, and why does it matter?

Due diligence is sometimes called “business screening.” It is a thorough investigation of a business. The business’s assets and liabilities are recorded. Think of due diligence as a background check, only for a business instead of an individual person. Aspects considered throughout due diligence include a company’s history and background, cash flow, and market performance. Due diligence occurs before contracts are signed and the deal becomes final.

Due diligence matters. It will reveal problems with a company before you have carried out the purchase. Sometimes these problems are very serious. They can even present legal issues for you. For example, if the company has a history of corruption, due diligence will reveal this. If the company has accepted bribes, due diligence will reveal this as well. That way, if something is seriously wrong with the company, you can find out before you have purchased it.

It doesn’t all have to do with shady activity, however. Due diligence will let you know if a business is right for you as a buyer. It will give you all the information you need before you buy the business.

The Process of Due Diligence

An article for Forbes magazine lists 20 activities that occur during due diligence. The list covers topics such as financial matters, sales, litigation, and even environmental issues.

Financial and legal matters represent the most immediate consequences relevant to due diligence. Financial matters to consider include annual and quarterly statements, budgets, investments, and tax considerations.

Legal considerations include criminal record, history of litigation, and any injunctions or threats made against the company. The financial and legal fitness of an organization matter to you as a buyer. Troubles in these areas could lead you to serious problems such as debt or legal troubles after you buy the company.

Personal connections are another important matter that will come into play throughout the course of due diligence. Interviews with high-ranking employees can help to provide information about a company. In some cases, a more extensive background check may be performed to provide information about an employee’s history. This can reveal whether they have a criminal record, for example.

Let Us Mediate the Process For You

Due diligence is a complex process that can potentially involve a substantial amount of time and resources. It is thus important to let specialized professionals handle the due diligence process. We can mediate for you so that you can consider your business dealings worry-free. We are also able to provide remote representation if necessary.

There are dishonest or desperate people everywhere who would be willing to sell a company to another person under false terms. Sadly, this includes businesses in countries as beautiful as Thailand.

Thailand is an excellent location for a business. If you want to purchase a company in Thailand, we can perform due diligence for you. We’ll give you and your business aspirations a sound peace of mind.

Due Diligence and Other Services in Thailand

At Mike Investigation, we are leading due diligence and private investigation company based in Bangkok. Our services, however, aren’t limited to due diligence. We also conduct counter-surveillance, domestic and corporate investigations, background checks, and locating people. Get in touch with us today for more information about our solutions. Contact Us.


Due diligence is a comprehensive investigation of a business, often referred to as “business screening.” It involves examining the company’s assets, liabilities, history, background, cash flow, and market performance before finalizing a deal to reveal potential issues or legal concerns.

Due diligence matters as it uncovers problems or legal issues with a company before a purchase is completed. It reveals crucial information such as a company’s history of corruption or acceptance of bribes, allowing buyers to make informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls.

Aspects covered during due diligence include a company’s history, background, cash flow, market performance, financial matters (statements, budgets, investments, tax considerations), legal matters (criminal record, litigation history, injunctions), and personal connections, ensuring a thorough understanding of the business.

Due diligence is a complex process involving various aspects and can demand substantial time and resources. Specialized professionals, like those at Mike Investigation, can mediate the process, ensuring it is handled efficiently and providing peace of mind for worry-free business dealings.

Mike Investigation, based in Bangkok, is a leading due diligence and private investigation company that offers services beyond due diligence. These include counter-surveillance, domestic and corporate investigations, background checks, and locating people. They provide comprehensive solutions for various needs.