Domestic Investigation

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Domestic examination is a term depicting examinations that have to do with people and individual issues. Residential examinations can assist you with keeping away from extortion, burglary, and different types of criminal issues in your own home.

Background Check Nannies & Maids

There is nobody size fits all individual verification. The examination ought to be altered to your regions of concern, explanations behind discovering more, and your general needs. Regardless of whether you are procuring another representative, or searching for an employee, it is a smart thought to show signs of improvement comprehension of who you will be engaged with. Past cases have uncovered DUI captures, burglary/misappropriation, attacks, and earlier criminal history.

Record verification Potential Renters

A pre-rental or rent examination concerning the historical backdrop of a potential inhabitant. Administration incorporates, past location check, criminal history, business confirmation and with subject’s composed assent, a record as a consumer.

Record verification Repairman

Before you let a repairman into your home you should look into their experience. Self-employed entities, repairmen, and jacks of all trades are acceptable spreads for hoodlums to case your home for robbery or trick you for cash. Continuously confirm you are managing a real repairman.

Background Check Home Improvement Contractor

Home Improvement Contractors ought to be confirmed by searching for any past claims, time in business, and irrefutable references. You need to ensure you are entrusting your home to a legitimate temporary worker that has a demonstrated reputation for polished methodology and morals. 

Child Support

One of the most widely recognized Domestic Investigations. Kid support is generally determined by salary, and at times a parent will attempt to shroud pay to abstain from paying kid support, or expansion in youngster support. Our private examiners can reveal shrouded pay and resources that may somehow not be considered.

Child Custody

Kid care is ordinarily the subject of Domestic Investigations. Youngster Custody cases can be identified with divorces where a companion may be prohibited from having anybody remains the night for a while to abstain from presenting a kid to that condition. Different situations where kid insurance examinations occur is the point at which the activities of the parent are gatekeepers are raised doubt about and you have to check if the kid is in effect appropriately thought about. In cases like this, we explore the condition of the habitation where the kid lives, the exercises of the parent or watchman and give documentation concerning the discoveries. 


A case of kid care examination conditions are: 

  • Is the parent(s) or guardian are using drugs or alcohol
  • Is an ex-spouse is having someone stay in the night with the child present
  • Determine if the residence of the parent or guardian is well kept or dangerous
  • Determine if child abuse or neglect is taking place
  • Determine if any medical needs are being addressed
  • Determine if the child is attending school


There are a few cases as private investigation in Oklahoma City where I must choose between limited options other than to arrangement and lead observation. Surveillance

 Can be gainful to your case and reveal data, for example, 

  • Infidelity 
  • Criminal Activity 
  • Fraud 
  • Child Welfare 
  • Theft 
  • Daily Routines 
  • Background and Character References 
  • Vehicle Information

Cheating Partner

Suspecting that your partner is having an unsanctioned romance is a troublesome and difficult idea. Shockingly, if you doubt that your partner is cheating, your doubts might be exact. As indicated by certain reviews, spouses who presume their husbands of unfaithfulness are right 80-85% of the time, while husbands who speculate their wives of betrayal are right 45-half of the time.


Contracting a private criminologist probably will not strike a chord while experiencing a divorce. yet now and again it can mean the distinction among winning and losing in fights over resources, cash, and children. Employing a private investigator during your separation can uncover concealed resources, shrouded financial balances, and reveal other advantageous data for your separation case.

Physical Abuse

These examinations are accomplished for family brutality, child abuse, spousal abuse, and elder abuse cases. A private specialist will gather proof, direct meetings, and work with your lawyer to build up your case.

Home Security Surveys

Do you realize how secure your home truly is? Our home security review will show you feeble focuses on the security of your home’s alert framework, surveillance camera framework, entryway locks, and window locks.

Security Device Installation

Home and office security regularly rely upon security gadgets, for example, entryway locks, window locks, surveillance cameras, and alert frameworks. Reach us for proficient guidance on which security items fit your needs, and the most ideal approach to introduce them.