Pre Matrimonial Check Thailand Services

Like other developing countries, Thailand has high rates of fraud, and the person you met online may not be who they say they are. A pre matrimonial investigation of your partner can help you avoid potential fraud, extortions, kidnappings, and other organized crimes.

At Mike Investigations, we carry out extensive background investigations on your behalf and avail all kinds of information you may want to know about your partner.

Our background check services cover many areas, including:

Identity check

An identity check is crucial when looking for essential details about the person you want to marry. Our identity checks reveal personal information such as their real names, age, and birthplace. Such information helps you determine whether the person has been honest with you from the start of your relationships.

Criminal background checks

With the rise in the rates of fraud and divorces in Thailand, you must conduct criminal background checks on the person you intend to marry. We use top-notch technologies to find out the person’s criminal records no matter where they are located. Our checks go back over 10 years to ensure whoever you are marrying is not hiding crucial information from you.

Family background

Our detectives will also use modern technologies and an elaborate network within Thai security circles to get important details about your partner’s family. Marriage is about two families, and it is best to know the kind of family you are marrying into.

Income checks

With today’s advancements in technology, it is relatively easy to marry a con. Besides, the money situation is a significant cause of disputes in marriage. It is best to know the exact amount the person is earning and whether their earnings are legitimate.

That is what Mike Investigations is skilled at. If you want to know the financial situation of your spouse, get in touch with our detectives.

Marital status

It is also crucial that you know if the spouse to be was married before or not. Our detectives investigate the person’s past marital status to determine whether they are divorced or separated and the reasons behind their failed marriage. We will also determine if the person has offspring and all financial commitments relating to their past marriages.

In a nutshell, pre-matrimonial investigations focus on revealing the truth about your potential marriage partner. Since marriage is a great stage in life, it’s important to know that your partner is honest and will not land you in legal and financial trouble in the future.

Trust Mike Investigations for All Your Pre-Marital Investigations

Background checks can be an intricate process that involves several procedures. It is therefore not recommended that you do these checks on your own.

Mike Investigations is a trusted private investigation company based in Thailand. Our comprehensive solutions cover several needs, including locating people, debt collection, background checks detecting frauds and scams. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services.