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As a resident or a business in Bangkok, Thailand, your safety and that of your investments are paramount. Although Bangkok is considered a LOW-threat location for violent crime, an OSAIC study reveals the city is home to numerous international and indigenous organized crime elements. Their activities include drug trafficking, human trafficking, scamming, document fraud, and counterfeiting.

If you are dealing with any issue that requires extensive research and surveillance, it is always a good idea to work with a Bangkok private detective. Private investigators offer the best solutions when doing background checks on businesses and persons of interest, finding lost loved ones, and detecting and searching for information that may be hidden or unavailable through a usual search.

So Who Can You Turn To When You Need Help The Most?

At Mike’s Private Investigation, we boast of more than thirty years of collective operational experience in Thailand. We are uniquely placed to deliver the most effective security solutions for our clients’ most complex problems. We’ve helped thousands of our clients avoid nightmarish scams, counterfeits, frauds, and many more costly crimes. We leverage the latest technology and vast network of corporate, military, police, and judicial contacts that enable us to perform the most sophisticated background checks in the industry.

Below are some of the security services that we offer:

Domestic Investigation

Our domestic investigation solutions help you avoid many issues, including child trafficking, extortion, and burglary, as well as other criminal problems in your home. These services, which are highly customized to suit your immediate needs, may include background checks on nannies and maids, record verification for potential renters and repairmen, background checks on home improvement contractor, checks on child support services, child custody, cheating partner, security home device installation, physical abuse investigations, home security surveys among many others.

Insurance Investigation

If you are an insurance entity, you know the impacts of insurance fraud on your business. Studies reveal insurance companies lose $40 billion to fraud each passing year. Our team of highly skilled and experienced investigators carries out comprehensive and detailed investigations into many types of insurance claims to lower the risk of paying out on fake claims.

Corporate Investigation

Our corporate solutions are designed to help you reduce the risk of wrongdoing and investment risk. These risks include threats that other firms pose on your investment as well as the political environment risks. With a more demanding and complex regulatory environment, risk assessment is a must to avoid business disruption. We will help you obtain the reliable information you need to resolve your problem efficiently and effectively.

Business Due Diligence

The only way to avoid falling prey to Bangkok’s most sophisticated fraudsters and scammers is to conduct due diligence on all your business processes and transactions. Due diligence helps reveal problems with a company before you have carried out any purchase or transactions. However, due diligence is a complex process that can potentially involve a substantial amount of time and resources. It is critical that you let specialized professionals handle this process for the best outcomes. We will help you with the process so that you can consider your business dealings risk-free. We are also able to provide remote representation if necessary.

Debt Collection

The impact of unpaid debts and invoices on businesses is huge. A recent study reveals unpaid invoices issued by small businesses stood at $1 trillion as of 2017. Chasing down bad debts on your own requires a lot of time and money. Studies also reveal you could spend upwards of 15 days quarterly chasing bad debts. This is productive time you could spend running your business.

Why not let professionals deal with your bad debt problem? Our debt collectors specialize in collecting your debts so that you to achieve a peace of mind and concentrate in running your business.

Bangkok Private Investigation Services

Mike Investigations is a leading private investigation company based in Bangkok. Our modern private investigation solutions go beyond surveillance. We leverage modern technology and techniques to collect all kinds of data for our clients. Our highly experienced team of investigators collects this data in a way that best serves your interest while protecting your identity.

Our comprehensive solutions cover several needs, including locating people, background checks, debt collection, counter-surveillance, and detecting frauds and scams. Contact us today for more information on our outstanding solutions