Corporate Investigation

Corporate investigations generally focus on one of two possible sites of wrongdoing or risk. The first is within your own company. The second is another firm that may pose a threat to your firm. We add, however, a critical third focus – the political environment, or Political Risk Assessment.

Why Investigate?

Today we see an ever more demanding and complex regulatory environment.  That means falling afoul of industry regulators is ever more likely. But the fact is, a firm can be found violating laws and regulations simply from doing business as usual. That is, they may not have engaged in intentional wrongs, but simply did not keep up with changing regulations. 

Now, the need for corporate investigation may stem from an employee raising questions about your business practices. You should actually encourage this. For this is far preferable to learning you need an investigation by being served a subpoena from a government agency. That’s because a subpoena indicates there is already a formal investigation underway into your business. 

Should you investigate? After all, corporate investigations can be disruptive and time-consuming. Well, whatever brings the possible need for an investigation to your attention, remember this. The stakes for your company are high. Being found guilty of serious wrongdoing can sink a business. And failing to uncover employee misconduct, such as theft or benefits abuse, can run up an incalculable loss. And indeed, failing to recognize threats from unethical competitors can spell disaster. Simply put, the stakes are simply too high to leave an investigation to in-house staff.

Interviews & Interrogation

The very methods one employs to gather data can greatly impact the reliability of the information collected. And nowhere is this truer than in the case of direct interviews and interrogations of employees.  This is because the nature of relationships among employees and management can greatly complicate data gathering. This can allow many forms of bias to compromise the process. So before you start any internal examination, consider procuring an experienced outsider and a specialist in corporate investigation. You will be more likely to obtain the reliable information you need to resolve your problem efficiently and effectively.

Fraud Investigation

Inquiry into possible fraud is one of the most common forms of investigation we perform. And we employ many methods of surveillance and data gathering in such an investigation. Depending on the specifics of your case, we may use eavesdropping technologies. And there is almost always a need for digital forensics. We may even need to implant undercover operatives. So whatever needs your case presents, we offer you the assurance that we will bring the truth to light.

Corporate Security, Surveillance/Counter Surveillance

Physical and cyber security are as essential to your company’s well being as a sound business model. No one wants to see the fruits of their labour, time, and care simply evaporate into the ether. But this is exactly what happens on a daily basis in today’s complex threat landscape. That’s because sophisticated and devastating cyber attacks can be launched from anywhere in the world. And one fraudster who gains access as an employee or customer can bring down a lifetime’s work building your business.  

We investigators were once limited in our capacity for observation in the workplace to surveillance cameras and simple recording devices. But Corporate Surveillance/Counter Surveillance today incorporates the most sophisticated radio frequency spectrum analyzers and digital forensic techniques. Indeed, it’s the stuff of dedicated professionals like us.

Political Risk Assessment

The world is rapidly changing. And of course the march of globalization makes foreign investment easier and more profitable. But can you keep up with the pace of change in every country in the world? Or are you able to accurately assess the level of risk that ever-changing political conditions pose to your investment? 


Frankly, it’s impossible for you to know all there is to know about where you are considering investing. Sure, the country may look stable today. That ugly civil conflict ended a few years ago. But did you realize that 65% of all countries that end a civil conflict, suffer a relapse back to civil conflict within five years? Now how about the property rights regime? Is it well established? Could a change in government spell disaster for your company? And just how stable is the current regime anyway? 

These questions are vital to securely investing your resources. And reliable answers require specialists in political risk assessment. Fortunately for you, we have both in-house political analysts as well as others on retainer. So you can count on us to keep you informed of the latest changes that impact the level of risk you face. 


Corporate investigations primarily focus on internal matters within a company, potential threats from other firms, and a critical third focus, which is Political Risk Assessment related to the political environment.

Businesses may need to conduct investigations due to the demanding regulatory environment, potential violations resulting from not keeping up with changing regulations, employee concerns about business practices, or when served with a subpoena indicating a formal government investigation.

Not conducting a corporate investigation poses high stakes for a company. Being found guilty of serious wrongdoing or failing to uncover employee misconduct can lead to significant business setbacks or even closure.

Relationships among employees and management can complicate data gathering during interviews. Involving an experienced outsider and a specialist in corporate investigation increases the likelihood of obtaining reliable information efficiently.

Political Risk Assessment evaluates the level of risk posed to investments by ever-changing political conditions in different countries. It considers factors such as the stability of the country, past civil conflicts, property rights regime, and potential impacts of changes in government on a company. Specialized political analysts ensure reliable assessments of these risks.