About Our Private Investigator Services

Mike Green - Private investigator

With more than three decades of collective operational experience throughout Thailand, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver the most elegant and effective solutions for our clients’ most complex problems.

As one who was once new to the “Land of Smiles,” I learned one important truth: 

 To travel is to be alone

 Arrival in a new country, in an unfamiliar culture, with a deceptively complex society means it is, at the end of the day, ultimately just you and you alone who must figure out how to negotiate that unfamiliar terrain. 

 Well not anymore. 

 We’ve been down this path already. We know every bump and crack that can trip you up along the way. So we are here, for as long and as often as you need us, to walk with you. Let us help you make this the path to your dreams. 

 Putting to work for you our 50 certified agents located in our 5 offices throughout the Kingdom, will allow you to move ahead confidently with your plans, whatever they might be. You can rest easy knowing we’re here to prevent you from falling victim to the kinds of scams that so many foreigners have experienced. 

 Romance Scams: Our motto is “Trust, but Verify.” We don’t hold to the trash talk that all Thai girls are out to scam foreigners. But we know too well that it happens, and it happens frequently. We can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your trust is not misplaced. 

 Business Scams: Here again, we don’t find it true that the Thai business community is all out to scam foreigners. But yes, it happens, every day: Gem scams, real estate scams (timeshare, etc.), insurance scams, you name it. Our job is to help you know just what kind of person you’re dealing with as you prepare to invest in your dream retirement home or a new joint business venture. If scams against foreigners were not a real concern, the Thai government would not have felt the need to pass and strengthen laws against scamming foreigners. But the point is not to have to rely on prosecution of the one who scammed you, it’s to not get scammed in the first place. That’s where we come in. 

 We’ve helped hundreds of clients avoid nightmarish scams. We rely on a vast network of corporate, military, police and judicial contacts that enable us to perform the most sophisticated background checks in the industry. Our agents are adept at intensive but always discreet surveillance. WIth this kind of experience, and this level of networking at our clients’ disposal, we continue to raise the bar in the investigative industry. From Missing Persons cases to due diligence background checks, carried out across the Kingdom and beyond in S.E. Asia, we are the premier investigative service.

 As we have for so many others, we set you on and keep you on the path to success in Thailand.