Is my Thai girlfriend cheating on me?

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If you’re dating someone from Thailand, there’s a good chance you’re concerned about whether or not they’re cheating on you. After all, Thailand is infamous for opportunities for promiscuity.

Many foreign men come to Thailand and fall in love. Thailand can be an exciting and romantic place. Unfortunately, these relationships don’t always pan out, particularly if one partner is spending a lot of time outside of the country. 

Hi, my name is Mike and I’ve been in the private investigation business for years. Due to this experience, I have encountered many scenarios in which foreign men and women have experienced heartbreak due to unfaithful romantic partners in Thailand. Do you feel that your Thai girlfriend may be cheating on you? This video may help you confirm your suspicions, or perhaps set your mind at ease. 

Does she go to bed early every night?

“Babe I’m sleepy” is a common way to sign off from a video call so that you can hit the clubs with your friends, or do things you don’t want to tell your partner about. It’s a great excuse because it says, “don’t call me later.”

Does she hang out with the same friend all the time?

If she knows that you are very comfortable with one of her friends, she will tell you that she is spending time with that person, when in fact she is spending time with other people. She is using this friend to lull you into complacency. This friend will also not want to be responsible for problems in your relationship, so confirming your girlfriend’s plans with them will be a tricky proposition. 

Does she lovebomb you before getting off the phone?

She may act extremely affectionate and loving before having to get off the phone with you. This is a common tactic people use to build trust before going out to do things their partners may not like. Your girlfriend might not want you to feel compelled to message or call her later. 

Did she work as a bar girl before?

“A tiger is still a tiger, even if they try to eat vegetables.” This Thai saying implies that learned behaviors can become embedded. Flirting for a living can become hard to turn off. That’s not to say that you should never give the benefit of the doubt. Our motto, however, is “Trust, but verify.” In Thailand it is very common for bar girls to have several overseas “boyfriends,” whom they will refer to amongst each other as “sponsors.” Even if she does genuinely love you, she may still take money from other suitors.

During an argument, does she challenge you to break up with her?

She may have one foot out the door, or she may want you to stop challenging her activities. She may feel very confident that you will not have the strength to leave. This tactic warns you to leave or live with it.

She may project her feelings of guilt on you.

She may accuse you of doing things that she herself has done. She will do this frequently. She is trying to absolve herself of guilt by assuming that you are doing the same as her. After that, she may then turn around and try to justify this behavior to you. “I’m only acting crazy because I love you so much!” She feels guilty for gaslighting you, and tries to rectify it. Humans often cannot prevent themselves from communicating things they don’t wish to. 


None of these red flags alone are a surefire indicator of cheating, but a few in combination are definitely a sign that you may want to look deeper. If you have finished watching this video and you still don’t feel sure about your Thai girlfriend’s behavior, we recommend that you contact us, and help set your mind at ease.