Reclaiming the Hua Hin House: A Case Study in Successful Privacy Investigation

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In the beginning of 2023, Mike Investigation was approached by a European male client who sought assistance with a delicate situation in Hua Hin, Thailand. This case study showcases how Mike Investigation’s team of skilled agents conducted a discreet surveillance operation, gathering critical evidence that led to the successful reclaiming of the client’s house.


The client, residing overseas for extended periods, suspected his Thai wife of infidelity due to her strange behavior. As the house in Hua Hin was registered under his wife’s name, the client engaged Mike Investigation to investigate her activities and determine if she was involved in an affair.

Investigation Process:

With the client’s objective in mind, Mike Investigation assembled a team of experienced agents who embarked on a covert surveillance mission. Employing advanced surveillance techniques, they closely monitored the wife’s movements and activities during the client’s overseas assignments.


During the surveillance, the agents uncovered compelling evidence indicating the wife’s involvement in an extramarital affair. Their meticulous observations and discreet documentation substantiated the client’s suspicions, leaving no room for doubt.

Legal Battle:

Armed with the evidence of his wife’s infidelity and misconduct, the client pursued legal action to reclaim the house. Despite the separate agreement that specified the transfer of ownership upon the relationship’s termination, the wife adamantly refused to comply.

Legal Strategy Complemented by Investigation Findings:

Recognizing the need for legal support to secure the client’s rights, Mike Investigation collaborated with a team of skilled lawyers. They effectively utilized the substantial evidence gathered during the investigation to strengthen the client’s case and reinforce his claim to the house.

Court Success:

Citing the comprehensive findings obtained through the investigation, Mike Investigation’s legal team was able to present a strong argument in court. The irrefutable evidence of the wife’s infidelity and breach of trust, collected by their team of dedicated agents, proved crucial in persuading the court to side with the client. Consequently, the court issued an order for the wife to transfer the ownership of the house back to the client’s company.


The successful outcome of this case can be attributed to Mike Investigation’s dedicated team of skilled agents who conducted a discreet surveillance operation. By meticulously gathering evidence of the wife’s infidelity and misconduct, they played a vital role in strengthening the client’s legal position. The case highlights the importance of private investigation in facilitating justice and enabling clients to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. Mike Investigation’s commitment to their client’s best interests and their exceptional investigative skills were essential in achieving this favorable outcome.