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Trust, but Verify: Unveiling Truths with Professional Detectives

Private Investigation Thailand (Covering all of Thailand including Koh Samui , Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Phuket) is the premier private investigator service in the Kingdom. 

And for good reasonMike Green and his staff of trained and fully certified investigators have the combined experience of more than 3 decades. You need that level of experience to navigate a society as complex as Thailand. 

But when you hire Private Investigation Thailand or Looking For detective agencies in thailand you’re getting more than just a lot of Thai expertise. Behind us — what you’re really putting to work for you — are our vast, intricate networks and webs of connections that reach into all levels of Thai society across all sectors of the country to access critical sources of the most reliable information. 

We’re headquartered in Bangkok, but we serve clients with equal success throughout the country.  

PIT offers the full range of services expected by today’s clients looking for a modern detective agency.

  • Our Fidelity / Infidelity Bureau handles dozens of cases a month. They do so discreetly, but assertively so that you can have the peace of mind you deserve. Yes, we have all heard the trash talk that Thai girls just can’t be trusted, or that married men coming to Thailand can’t help themselves and will end up hiring a pretty girl for the night.

         We know, from vast experience, that those stereotypes are just not true.


Your privacy and confidentiality is important to us

What Our Clients Say

David Sterkin
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Professional 👍 always answer fast to any questions and really help to get a visa 😊 I recommend ☀️
Jamie Dimitra Ashton
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Mike Green's company helped me and my husband secure a Thai Police Clearance we needed for immigration purposes whilst we were outside of Thailand. They were exceptionally helpful, even in moments were there were difficulties and complications. I highly recommend this team for assisting you.
Valeriya Stolbovaya
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After only a few days of investigation, they found the man who had been stalking me for a long time. They identified and located him so quickly it was amazing. Ive returned to living normally again. Great service and totally reasonable price.
Chittanant Th
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The detectives here are exellent. They gave me good advice and completed their investigation quickly. They aided my attorney in my civil case and we won thanks to these guys. Highly recommended !
Andrew Smith
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Mike has delivered on all expectations. He has been professional, open and frank and that was just what was needed. Great experience and good working relationship. Highly recommended.
imonrat nuansiri
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If you're looking for a private investigation firm in Thailand, this is the best choice for you. They are very helpful and they got exactly the information that I needed and they got it quickly. Recommend !!
Myra Kotze
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I had a problem with a client that didn’t pay the outstanding balance on his invoice. I got in touch with Mike and the very next day the full outstanding amount was paid. I will use him and his team in future for all my debt collections. Very happy with the service. Thank you.
Toni Rakkaen
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I've been relying on Mike and his staff for doing the pre-employment background checks for a few years now. They have yet to let me down. They've found some stunningly awful things in the history of a few people I would never have thought twice about.
Alon Gurvitch
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I knew what she was up to but i didn't want to face it. And I really did not want to hear all the denials I didn't believe anymore. You did the work for me and allowed me to just move on and move up. Cheers Mike.

But do some Thai girls have several boyfriends at a time? Do some Thai girls, especially “Bar Girls” continue to see their “former” customers on the side? Yes, of course. These things do happen.

Do some married men pay for companionship while in The Land of Smiles? Of course, some do. 

Thailand would not have the reputation it has if sex were not a significant part of the experience here. So, if you are contemplating contacting our office, among the first questions we will likely ask is “what brings you to the offices of Thailand investigators or private detectives ?

” In other words, do you have doubts? It’s ok, many of us have. Have you noticed curious behavior lately that you don’t quite understand?

We know how that feels. It sometimes turns out to be nothing. But other cases don’t always turn out like you might hope.

What we can offer you is peace of mind. You can trust your Thai girlfriendor your husband. But if you have those nagging doubts, there may well be something to them. And we are here to give you what you deserve: rock solid, documented, factual information so that you can know if your trust is well placed.

 Now it is no more true that all Thai businessmen are always out looking to defraud their foreign partners than it’s true that all Thai Girls are incapable of being faithful. But the fact is, fraud and other white-collar criminal acts are committed in Thailand on a disturbingly frequent basis

So, before you invest your life savings in that dream retirement home, or in that “can’t lose” start-up enterprise you’ve been lucky enough to hear about, why not do the simple and prudent thing, first? Let us take on your due-diligence obligations and let you know if you’re making the right move.

This is again where our vast network of close, long standing relationships with current and former police officials, trusted men and women of business, and even former and current public officials are put to work for your peace of mind and for the safeguarding of your financial assets.

Need to do some hiring?

Maybe even bring in some expert consultants from abroad?

Our efficient but exhaustive methods of performing background checks go way beyond merely contacting the list of references that the prospective employee provided himself. 

And nor do we simply rely on paid online services. Our proprietary, multi-methods approach is tailored to the specific circumstances of your background investigative needs.

 We will deliver you the whole story of the person you’re thinking about hiring: financial status, criminal history, past employment performance. You name it, it’s a part of our report. You deserve nothing less.

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 There are many different levels and layers of the term investigation 
Every case is different and requires a strategy and expenses evaluation
After the evaluation process we provide a quote.

Our agency has been in operation for over 12 years, and we have served clients from various parts of the world. We can provide references for large-scale and complex cases upon request.

We offer flexible payment options to our clients, including Transferwise, Western Union, Paypal, and Cryptocurrency. Payment terms may vary based on the specific case and its expenses and complexity. Our team is happy to work with clients to find a payment plan that meets their needs.

Our team of investigators consists of more than 20 individuals with diverse nationalities, including both male and female agents.

 All information received by us stays within the firm and shared only with the relevant
agent for the specific case, In corporate investigations NDA can be signed.
We provide services across the Kingdom of Thailand 
and cover all areas including abilities in neighboring countries.

Some benefits of hiring a private investigation agency in Thailand include obtaining professional expertise, access to local resources and networks, and ensuring confidentiality and discretion.


Our Private Investigator is a former federal agent, with years of professional investigation experience.