Thai Dating Scams Investigation Services

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The sensuous Thai girl you meet online could be nothing but a fraud. Thailand girls are quite popular with people looking for fun, love, dates, and serious romantic relationships. However, with the increasing use of the internet on dating scenes, there has been a substantial rise in dating scams targeting unsuspecting foreigners and locals. Many Thai dating scammers easily create fake identities, which they will use to lure their targets. Importantly, before you commit to any relationship, it is a good idea to hire private detectives to run background checks on any person you meet online.

At Mike Investigations, we boast of a fully dedicated dating scam investigating team trained, equipped, and well-resourced to smoke out any fake love before they defraud you. We combine both high tech tools, on-ground human intelligence, and top-notch research techniques to gather and analyze information from various sources on the person of interest. Some of the services that we provide and which will help you make wise decisions about your Thailand dates include:

Identity Check ( Age, Name, Gender, Birthplace, Birthdate)

We will help verify your date’s identity, including their real names, age, gender, birthplace, and many more. An identity check proves that the person you are dating is authentic. We leverage top-notch technologies, including video identification tools, advanced electronic signature, and facial biometric authentication services to provide results that give you the confidence the Thailand girl is who they say they are. Best of all, our background checks are returned in real-time to guarantee your holiday and business schedule isn’t affected. All we need to run the checks are the name, address, photos and date of birth of the Thai girl of your interests.

Fraud, Scam, and Blacklist Checks

A fraud blacklist system is a tool that many dating sites use to prevent fraud. It is designed to help you detect and prevent access to a list of accounts believed to be invalid or not fake to lower the risk of fraudulent transactions. At Mike Investigations, we use modern technologies to check the fraud, scam, and blacklist status of the girl you are going out with. We also check if the dating site you are using is honest and has not been flagged down for fraud and scams.

Marital Status Verification

Do you really know if the Thai girl you met online is really single or possibly married with children? Our team of experts leverages modern tools to determine whether a person you are dating is married now or what their marriage history has been in the past. We help you get to know more about the special someone you are going out with and ensure that you are not involved in any scams in Thailand.

Address Check

We boast of modern online lookup tools that validate addresses in over 80 countries. Our detectives use an address Check tool to instantly check and verify Thailand addresses according to Thailand Post standards. We search a single residential or commercial address using type-ahead auto-completion that authenticates the current resident information of the Thai girl you are involved with.

Education Verification

Verifying the Thai girl’s educational history is crucial to ensure you are dealing with the right person for the kind of service you expect from them. If you are looking for Thai girls to grace your company’s social gatherings, or product and service launch, it is imperative that you go for candidates that will not bore your guests with poor communication skills. We offer value-fast, high-quality education verification services that are conducted worldwide in collaboration with several learning institutions and their agents.

Thai Dating Scam Investigators

Not every beautiful girl you meet online is out to offer genuine love. Some are criminals waiting for a chance to take all your money and valuable possessions. In fact, Thailand’s Department of Special Investigation recently warned locals about Thailand scams that target individuals on dating apps.

The scammers masquerade as men or women looking for love, and after some sweet talking, they convince you to transfer money to an account to cushion them on the effects of COVID19 or for an “investment opportunity.” If you are interested in a Thai woman, trust Mike Investigations to do all the digging to avoid being an easy target of clever scammers. Get in touch with us today to learn more.