Chances are you know someone in Thailand who is currently engaged in an extramarital relationship.

It is no secret that, like everywhere in the world, adultery in Thailand is quite prevalent despite being illegal and immoral. Many Thai men will even openly admit that infidelity is actually a hard habit to stop.

Sadly, for those who “play away from home”, adultery in Thailand comes with legal penalties. In fact, Thai law is very keen on protecting the sanctity of wedding vows and goes a step further to discourage infidelity by punishing adulterers with hefty fines and other penalties.

Adultery in Thailand Can Affect Career Prospects

The Royal Thai Police and the Royal Thai Army have already announced that they will be taking strict disciplinary action against any of their members who are found to have committed adultery.

Repeat offenders will face even stiffer penalties, especially if the offense is accompanied by signs of domestic violence. The penalties include limitations in career progress such as the inability to get rank promotions.

Adultery in Thailnd

The spouse of a member of the Royal Thai police or military force who has been cheated on can come forth and seek extra help such as having child support deducted directly from the husband’s salary.

There have even been cases of Thai Army officials getting penalized for adultery. For example, a junior soldier was recently disciplined two times by the RTA for adultery.

He even lost his bonus for failing to live up to the ideals of a model citizen. The officer was disciplined after his wife complained of domestic abuse and the fact that her husband was having an open extramarital affair with another woman.

Besides the police and military, the Civil Service Commission can also fire civil servants for marital infidelity. Civil servants can even lose their pensions just for engaging in adulterous habits. The rule is also applied to common-law relationships.

This is why most people in Thailand go to great lengths to hire a private investigator; cheating girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife included.

The Law on Adultery in Thailand

Legal experts in Thailand state that a person who is legally married can even sue the third party in an extramarital affair, such as the mistress or a man caught having an affair with someone’s wife, for compensation. However, the lawsuit should be filed within a year after discovering the extramarital affair.

The law also accepts evidentiary materials such as romantic messages, incriminating photographs, and compromising videos.

However, the evidence must be provided within six months after discovery, this is why people often seek the services of a professional private investigator to gather the information needed. If the case shows solid proof of adultery, the third person will be compelled to pay monetary compensation as the price of heartache to the complainant. The amount paid is determined by the court.

The complainant can sue for compensation without necessarily divorcing the cheating partner and can even file for compensation again if the infidelity continues. There are cases of estranged wives who were paid six-figure compensation by the courts.

Why Adultery in Thailand is Still Commonplace Despite the Harsh Penalties

Men still keep mistresses despite the harsh Thai law. This is probably because infidelity in Thailand is viewed by many as a male privilege and the fact that the culture seems to exert more power on men over women.

There is even an assumption that infidelity is for men although there are cases of women cheating on their husbands just like everywhere else in the world.

However, infidelity in Thailand is rarely associated with men having mistresses or casual sex partners known as “gik” who later become mistresses.

How to Catch a Cheating Wife or Girlfriend

In a culture where adultery by a female partner is hard to catch, women tend to be more discreet in extramarital affairs.

So how do you catch your cheating girlfriend or wife? Well, it is easier than you think.

When you want to catch your cheating girlfriend or wife, the cardinal rule is to never ask her close friends. They will always cover for her and warn her or even provide an alibi for her.

Proof of infidelity is best left in the hands of a professional private investigator who will collect all the facts and gather evidence to prove the infidelity.

A good private investigator will track the cheating person’s movement even at odd hours to find concrete proof of the infidelity.


Given the hefty penalties involved in cases of adultery in Thailand, it makes sense to ensure that you are 100% sure of the infidelity before you present your accusations.

Without proof, you may even be putting your relationship at risk for no reason at all.

This is why it is important to engage the services of a professional investigator whenever you suspect your partner of having an extramarital affair.