Unveiling a Remarkable Customer Case: Tracking Device Uncovered in Chiang Mai

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Discover How Mike Investigation, a Leading Private Investigation Agency in Thailand, Unraveled a Distinctive Case

In an unprecedented move, Mike Investigation, a prominent private investigation agency in Thailand, has chosen to share a noteworthy customer case for the first time. This intriguing narrative sheds light on our commitment to delivering comprehensive investigative services. Join us as we delve into the details of an extraordinary case that unfolded in Chiang Mai, Thailand, just two months ago.

The Case Unfolded

A Distressed Inquiry

In the heart of Chiang Mai, Thailand, a young woman sought our assistance due to alarming concerns. Approaching our agency, she expressed fears that she was being followed. Close acquaintances had raised suspicions, prompting her to seek the truth behind these unsettling occurrences. Keen to ascertain her safety, she requested an examination of her vehicle using specialized electrical equipment, commonly known as a sweep.

An Intensive Investigation

Our dedicated team of private detectives swiftly responded to her distress call. The young woman presented her car to us, initiating a meticulous investigative process. Our experts embarked on an electrical sweep to detect any magnetized devices or gadgets affixed to the vehicle. The process was meticulous, requiring hours of diligence to establish a signal from our GPS tracking equipment. Once a signal was obtained, it corroborated the presence of a tracking device in the vicinity.

Unveiling the Tracking Device

Further investigation revealed that the identified object was, indeed, a tracking device. The serial number was meticulously recorded as we commenced a systematic search. With conclusive evidence in hand, we captured photographic evidence for future reference and composed a detailed report of our findings. At this juncture, we apprised the young woman of the complex nature of the installation, leading her to make a startling revelation.

Navigating Threats and Personal Protection

The truth emerged with resounding clarity – the threats she received were attributed to her former spouse. Armed with this revelation, our next steps were deliberate and resolute. The decision was made to remove the tracking device, ensuring her safety and peace of mind. However, the tale doesn’t conclude here. Concerns for her well-being prompted her family to request personalized protection.

Upholding Safety and Peace of Mind

As her safety became paramount, Mike Investigation provided unwavering support. The young woman found solace in the presence of our security team, knowing that she was shielded from potential harm. We ensured that she could go about her life without apprehension, knowing that a diligent security team stood by her side.


This remarkable case encapsulates the essence of Mike Investigation’s dedication. Our commitment to revealing the truth and ensuring the safety of our clients underscores our role as pioneers in the realm of private investigation. The case in Chiang Mai serves as a testament to our expertise, empathy, and unwavering resolve to navigate even the most intricate of situations. At Mike Investigation, we go beyond conventional practices, delivering results that truly make a difference.

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