High-Stakes Surveillance Job: Case Study by Mike Investigation in Pattaya

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In May 2023, Mike Investigation was hired for a high-stakes surveillance job in Pattaya, Thailand. The objective was to uncover the truth behind a Thai girlfriend’s behavior and determine whether she was being unfaithful to her partner. However, the surveillance task evolved into a dramatic rescue operation to save the girlfriend from a dangerous pimp, revealing the dark underbelly of Pattaya’s sex industry.


The client, a middle-aged businessman from the UK, had been in a long-distance relationship with his Thai girlfriend for over a year. He became suspicious of her behavior and suspected that she might be seeing other men. He decided to hire Mike Investigation to conduct surveillance to uncover the truth.

Surveillance Process

Mike Investigation deployed a team of experienced investigators to monitor the girlfriend’s behavior. They used a range of surveillance techniques, including GPS tracking, hidden cameras, and stakeouts. The investigators also conducted background checks on the girlfriend and her associates to gather more information.

Unusual Findings

During the surveillance, the investigators discovered that the girlfriend was not seeing other men but was being controlled by a dangerous pimp. She was forced to work as a prostitute in one of Pattaya’s red-light districts and was not allowed to leave. The investigators also found evidence of physical abuse.

Unexpected Turn

The case took an unexpected turn when the investigators realized the danger the girlfriend was in. They quickly shifted their focus to ensure her safety.


The case had a successful outcome, with the client’s girlfriend being rescued from a dangerous situation. The client was grateful for Mike Investigation’s services and praised their professionalism and dedication. The case highlighted the importance of conducting thorough investigations and the need to be prepared for unexpected situations. Mike Investigation’s expertise and experience were instrumental in achieving a positive outcome for the client and his girlfriend.