A Novel Approach to Marital Investigation: A Singaporean Woman’s Story

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This was such a novel approach to a marital investigation that it seemed like it might have been a Netflix original movie. A Singaporean woman who approached us was a beautiful mother of three children, asking us to look into her husband’s alleged cheating.

The Crying Wife

There was a crying wife who told us approximately three months before she filed for divorce that she was confused about her feelings toward her husband as a life of married couple.

The Husband’s Move to Thailand

Back to 2021, the husband moved to Thailand to work for his company’s branch there after being assigned there for a promotion. First, her husband kept in touch with her and children on a pretty regular basis. He took a usual annual break in June of 2022, travelling back to Singapore to see his family. Prior to this change, the husband would have a video call with his family in Singapore every day after work, but now he only calls every other day or so. On occasion, he would go missing for an entire week and disappearing for nearly a month without a single phone call. The husband claimed he had many works and was unable to return back to Singapore to see the family during his extended holiday. He often claimed to be overworked and stressed. Because of his work overload, he is unable to maintain the same level of family time he once did.

The Wife’s Trip to Thailand

According to the wife, her husband was dealing with an unsolvable situation. She had planned a trip to Thailand and told her husband about it, but he wouldn’t let her come, assuring her that he would return to Singapore as soon as possible. After the wife in Singapore became worried and suspicious of her husband, she brought her kids, sent them off with her sister, and flew Thailand to find out the truth about her husband’s sudden shift in behaviour. When she arrived in Thailand, she hired our private investigative team to find out more about her husband’s background, including where he works, what his company, where he lives, check as to when he leaves for work and returns home.

The Investigation

Following nearly two weeks of investigation, we found that her husband was seeing someone else and that they were living together in Bangkok. But the fact that woman was carrying her husband’s child would be the most surprising of all. Upon hearing this news, finding out that her husband has cheated can be emotionally devastating. The wife wanted a divorce immediately. We collected every piece of evidence, including photos, videos, phone records, social media posts, and more, as well as reaching out to the Singaporean legal firm.

Child Custody and Visitation Arrangements

The wife was opposed to her husband having custody of their kids. Child custody and visitation arrangements are another aspect of divorce that is unaffected by infidelity. When choosing who will have custody of a child or children, a partner’s decision to cheat may factor into a court’s determination of visitation rights, particularly if it can be demonstrated that the cheating partner frequently and for extended periods of time abandoned the children while pursuing an extramarital affair. An easy agreement was reached between the husband and wife regarding child custody. Because the husband wished to avoid further family court involvement.